Raising Funds for Georgie's Treament


We are totally reliant on the kindness and generosity of people and businesses in the community.

We would like to thank the following businesses for actively supporting us! We are more than happy to share PR opportunities as helpgeorgie is all about raising awareness! All sponsors will be recognised here, on twitter and facebook and in the press if possible. We can help you with your PR if you need it!

If you would like to help sponsor or fundraise for helpgeorgie in any way please email


We will send you a fundraising pack including graphics, leaflets, sponsorship forms etc. or you can download them from bottom of the page/or here?

Ideas please on how we update this page – it will be on daily basis.

Fundraising Notes

helpgeorgie would like to ask in return that you

1) stay safe and legal. The Institute of Fundraising has lots of information about this. If in doubt speak to us via helpgeorgie@gmail.com

2) to do your best to make everything you do and say as accurate as possible – please check with us over ANY doubts

3) you let us help you publicise your event by social media and all the traditional ways. (even if it is a private one)

4) you use our official logo and #helpgeorgie wherever you can

5) feedback to us as much as you can

Any idea is a great idea!

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